Here’s How The BTS Members’ Alcohol Tolerance Levels Have Changed

Some of them are able to drink a lot more than before!

Like anyone, the BTS members love to celebrate together and enjoy a few drinks! However, their alcohol tolerance levels vary greatly.

According to J-Hope, the leader of the pack with the highest tolerance is none other than Suga.

In second place, Jin handles his alcohol like a pro…

…followed by Jimin, who didn’t hesitate to chug his champagne!

As the tolerance levels drop, in fourth place there’s RM

…followed by Jungkook, who doesn’t mind having a drink live with ARMYs.

Members V and J-Hope were typically known for having the lowest tolerances.

However, all that has recently changed!

In an interview with Billboard, V shared that his drinking tolerance has gotten better.

Specifically, he’s grown a liking for fruit soju!

J-Hope also recently revealed that he’s able to drink more alcohol than before.

Nowadays, he can finish a bottle of wine by himself!

Maybe J-Hope and V will eventually catch up to the higher tolerance levels of the other members!

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