BTS’s Reactions To Meeting Drake Are Relatable AF

A new behind the BBMAs video shows BTS’s first time meeting Drake.

Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean BTS can’t be fanboys!


BTS’s members are longtime fans of Canadian rapper Drake. His name has come up in a number of interviews, and the members aren’t shy about singing or dancing along to his songs.


In 2018, J-Hope even sparked his own dance craze by doing Drake’s “In My Feelings” Challenge.


At the 2019 Grammy Awards, V, Suga, and Jungkook were so excited to see Drake win “Best Rap Song” that they recorded his acceptance speech on their phones.


So, you can probably imagine what went down at the 2019 BBMAs when BTS met Drake for the first time. BTS may look cool and composed in this photo, but a new backstage video captured their fanboy freakouts on camera!


When V spotted Drake, he broke out into his biggest, brightest smile…


…while Jungkook shyly retreated to the back of the group.


J-Hope was thrilled to tell Drake about his #InMyFeelingsChallenge video…


…and Drake offered to host BTS the next time they were in Canada.

When you come back next time, I’ll host you.

— Drake


BTS kept their cool while Drake was present, but after he left…


…their inner fanboys ran wild! RM let out a scream…


…and J-Hope declared that he wouldn’t be washing the hand Drake shook.


BTS’s reaction to meeting Drake was basically ARMY‘s reaction to meeting them!


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