An ARMY Once Spoke About Her Depression To BTS’s RM, Here’s How He Responded

The ARMY began tearing up when talking with RM.

The BTS members are always sweethearts to ARMYs (BTS’s fandom), and RM once had a touching interaction with an ARMY who spoke about her depression.


At a fansign, an ARMY told RM that she was previously hospitalized, but she started feeling better thanks to BTS.

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RM was curious about how they helped her, and she shared that their song “I Need U” made her feel better.

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The ARMY then began tearing up.

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The ARMY told RM that she was hospitalized because of depression, and RM asked her if she’s better now, and she said yes. RM then told the ARMY that everything would be okay and that this was all in the past.

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RM then gave an encouraging message to this ARMY!

We all have changes like these. Okay? It’s okay. Let’s focus on the future, okay? You are pretty. Why are you crying? It’s okay. It’s not a bad thing. Okay? Don’t worry.

— RM

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When it was time to leave, the ARMY told RM to take care of his hand, which was injured, and he told her that his hand was fine. The ARMY was about to tear up again, and RM said that everything would be okay.

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Here’s the full video below!


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