BTS’s “God Of Destruction” RM Added Another Broken Item To His List

He just can’t live down his reputation.

A day may come when BTS‘s RM lives down his “God of Destruction” reputation, but it is not today!


It’s been years, but RM still has an uncanny ability to break everything he touches. The “God of Destruction” has broken everything from sunglasses to stage sets.


Chairs? He topples them.


Drinks? He spills them.


Slippers? He destroys them — in 30 minutes or less!


In Episode 4 of Bon Voyage 4, RM’s sole suddenly peaced out after just half an hour of wear. Jin tried to make sense of it for him, but no sense could be made. This wouldn’t happen to anyone but RM.


RM just couldn’t believe his luck…


…or should we say “curse”!