BTS’s RM Low-Key Panicked When He Realized He Wasn’t Wearing This

ARMYs noticed this was missing during a BBMA interview.

BTS‘s RM forgot an important part of his outfit, and he was probably hoping nobody would notice.


Ever since BTS touched down in Las Vegas, they’ve been going non-stop. In addition to prepping for their BBMA “Boy With Luv” performance, the members have dropped by local radio stations to talk about the Billboard Music Awards.


Halsey joined BTS’s RADIO.COM interview to talk about their “Boy With Luv” collaboration, and more. During the interview, BTS and Halsey both mentioned the pink diamond friendship bracelets Halsey gave to the members.

See this is the bracelet and we’re all gonna wear it.

— RM


When BTS pulled back their sleeves to show off the bracelets to Halsey, RM realized he wasn’t wearing his.


He quickly covered up his wrist, regretting his life choices.


Halsey may not have noticed this, but nothing gets past ARMY! For more, check out the full interview here.

Halsey Crashes BTS’s BBMA Interview, Talks About Friendship Bracelets