BTS’s RM Gave A Gift To His Fur-Friend…And It Didn’t Go Well

This dog wasn’t a fan of RM’s present.

When it comes to picking out presents, some people are naturals. Others…not so much.

Usually, BTS‘s RM falls into the first category. He knows exactly what to give his friends, juniors, fans, and even his crushes. For example, on I-LAND he gave ENHYPEN‘s Jake a gift that is thoughtful and useful: a leather-bound journal engraved with the words “from RM”.

Inside, RM wrote a personalized message that wishes the recipient luck, health, and happiness.

When fans attended a recording for M Countdown last year, RM gave each one a special package that included his most-cherished family photo of BTS.

| @jeonjinks/Twitter

In the past, he also wrote a song for a girl he liked as a present for White Day. (How lucky is she?)

The point is, humans know that RM is great at picking out presents…but his fur-friend has a different opinion!

During the filming for BTS’s “Stay Gold” MV, RM brought a dog statue over to this Golden Retriever, and the pooch was not having it.

“Oh, he’s scared, he’s scared,” J-Hope said, laughing. “He’s scared.” 

That definitely wasn’t the reaction RM was hoping for. “It’s gone,” Jungkook soothed the dog, stroking its fur while RM quickly moved the statue. “Sorry, sorry,” RM said afterward, petting their fluffy friend.

Apology accepted? It sure seems like it. Just look at that smile!