BTS’s RM Randomly Outed Himself As A Potterhead…Again

RM’s inner “Harry Potter” fan magically appeared in a livestream.

BTS‘s RM just showed his Harry Potter love in the best possible way!


ARMYs already know that RM is a Harry Potter fan because he’s referenced the series several times in the past. In a recent interview with TIME, RM name-dropped Harry Potter when Jungkook‘s English studies were mentioned.


He sorted his members into Hogwarts’ houses at a fan event…


…and has even dressed up as the Chosen One himself.


Let’s also not forget the iconic moment when RM said “Shut-up Malfoy” on camera!


On April 22, RM hosted a surprise livestream to share behind the scenes info about Map of the Soul: Persona. He talked about the songwriting process, discussed lyrics, and more.


While talking about “Home”, RM’s inner Potterhead magically appeared. RM described the song’s original melody by singing the spell “wingardium leviosa” to its rhythm. Now fans can’t unhear it!


For more, check out the “Boy With Luv” demo RM shared in his livestream.

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