The Surprising Way BTS Rehearsed Their Difficult “N.O” Choreography

It made the practice safer.

BTS have made a lot of memories together over all their years, from training to debut to their unprecedented global success. The K-Pop group has become a household name, but their incredible success was hard-earned.


They continued to play the “Telepathy” game in their latest RUN BTS episode, which allowed the members to explore meaningful places like their first and second dorm. While reminiscing, the members open up about fond memories from being trainees and spill the tea about their past arguments.

When Jin, RM, Jimin, and V decide to visit their second dorm, Jin and V take the opportunity to order food at a Chinese restaurant they used to frequent.

Jin and V | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

Meanwhile, RM and Jimin wander around, looking for any other members. In their wandering, they visit Hakdong Park, a place they frequented before and after their debut.

Jimin and RM | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

RM even admits that when trying to work on “No More Dream,” he came to the park to scream in frustration.

RM: After having my rap rejected like 30 times, I went all the way there (to the highest point in the park) and screamed, “Come on!


They also sat on the swings and talked about their concerns and hopes together.

RM: We used to go on these swings and…

Jimin: We talked about life.


And they also reminisce on how the park has changed, like with the inclusion of new playground equipment.

RM: This is new! They didn’t have this before!

Jimin: I saw it when I visited recently.

RM: This wasn’t here.


And different flooring than the sand the playground used to have, which, early in their career, they took advantage of the sand to practice some of their more intense choreography.

Jimin: And when we were practicing for “N.O,” this [floor] was all sand.

RM: Yes, this rubber floor wasn’t a thing.

Jimin: And we practiced here.


Especially given the lift choreography for “N.O,” which could be dangerous if they fell, the sand was definitely perfect for practicing on.

RM: We practiced this life.

Jimin: Jin, you, and me.

RM: We almost fell a few times practicing here.


And certainly, their hard work paid off, leading to their jaw-dropping “N.O” performances.

“N.O” dance practice | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

You can watch the dance for “N.O” here.

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