BTS’s RM Might Go Bankrupt, If His Members Get Their Way

Jin can’t wait to get his hands on RM’s credit card.

BTS is rolling in riches these days, but that could all change for their leader, RM!


To celebrate the release of their second English language song “Butter,” BTS hosted a comeback broadcast. There they played “Butter” Jenga, a game with unexpected and hilarious consequences.

A challenge was written on each Jenga block. If a member failed the challenge, he received a randomly selected penalty. RM’s first challenge was eating a “Butter” cookie and whistling within ten seconds. Unfortunately for him, the game was rigged!

Jin counted down from ten to one in a fraction of the time, failing RM on purpose. “Please write a news article,” RM said. “Fabrication controversy. BTS fixes a Jenga game.” (His wish is our command!)

As punishment for “losing”, RM must treat his members to beverages using his personal credit card. Ever the instigator, Jin started a rumor about RM’s card. “RM’s personal card is especially good,” he said. “RM’s personal credit card is rumored to have a limit of KRW 100 billion.” That’s over 89 million in USD!

“Wow, I see that I’ll really go bankrupt,” RM joked. “I see bankruptcy in my near future.” 

The moral of this story? Keep your friends close and your wallet closer! Read more about BTS’s broadcast here:

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