Jungkook Is Coming For RM’s “Rejected Handshake King” Title

At the BBMAs, Jungkook found out what it’s like to be RM.

BTS‘s RM, the King of Rejected Handshakes, may be in danger of losing his title to Jungkook.


RM’s handshakes have a long, hilarious history of being overlooked and flat-out rejected by interviewers…


…and even his own members. Now though, it seems like RM isn’t the only one with a claim on his ‘throne’!


On August 29, BangtanTV released a new behind the scenes video from the 2019 Billboard Music Awards that took place on May 1. The video is full of priceless moments like Jimin‘s eye contact practice with Halsey, BTS’s first time meeting Drake, and Jungkook’s shy fanboying over Tori Kelly.


Eagled-eyes fans noticed that Jungkook’s BBMAs greetings were rejected not once, but three times! First by Ciara


…then by Drake…


…then by the Queen of Pop, Madonna.


RM’s title is safe for now though. Although Jungkook missed out on his handshakes (and hello hug) the first time, he got them all eventually.


Meanwhile, RM is still waiting!


Check out the video here:


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