Here’s How BTS’s RM Reacted To Being Elected “President Of Brazil”

He didn’t see this surprise coming, and neither did his members.

ARMY only has one president, and it’s BTS‘s RM!

For years, fans have campaigned for RM to rule the world, citing a number of good reasons why he would make an amazing president. They have already elected RM as President of Namkanda (the land of BTS and ARMY), hijacked President’s Day to celebrate him, and much more.

I need citizenship first.

— RM

RM knows all about the joke, of course. He referenced it in the music video for “Intro: Persona”, and invited ARMY to visit the “Republic of Namjoon” in his birthday message last year.

Even so, RM wasn’t expecting to see himself as President of Brazil in Break The Silence: The Movie. When a ‘President Namjoon’ banner popped up, RM turned away from the screen, grinning, and Suga and Jin cracked up.

“When did you run for president?” Suga teased.