BTS Were Ready To Come To An ARMY’s Rescue On “You Quiz On The Block”

She’s the luckiest fan ever.

One lucky ARMY could count on seven knights in shining armor to save her — from herself!

Meet Kim Jung Hyun, aka “MIC Drop” ARMY, the insanely cool fan who must have saved a country in her past life. In 2017, she went viral for dancing to BTS’s song “MIC Drop” as an entire auditorium cheered her on. The viral video has racked up over 8 million views!

When Kim Jung Hyun brought her smooth moves to You Quiz On The Block, she became the idol and her idols became her fans. There was one moment, however, when BTS was worried about her getting hurt.

After her performance, Kim Jung Hyun played a charades game with BTS where she acted out lyrics from their songs. One of her “clues” took the members by surprise: rolling on the ground.

Shocked, BTS instinctively reached out to Kim Jung Hyun to help her.

Jimin was laughing so hard that he easily could have missed his chair when he sat back down! (Thankfully, he didn’t…this time!)

It was all fun and games, of course, but safety comes first!

Watch the video here:


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