ARMYs Say BTS’s “Speak Yourself” Will Come To Toronto, Here’s Why

BTS’s Canadian fans aren’t giving up hope for a “Speak Yourself” concert yet.

Ever since BTS‘s Speak Yourself was announced, fans around the world have been hoping for a concert in their home country. So far, a Canada date hasn’t been listed, but Canadian ARMYs aren’t giving up hope. These fans foresee a 2019 Toronto concert, for two very good reasons.


Last year, BTS performed a 3 day concert in Hamilton, Ontario for their Love Yourself World Tour.


It was the first time BTS had performed their own show in Canada, but it wasn’t their first time being in the country.

“It’s our first concert in Canada.”

— Jungkook


Back in 2015, BTS came to Toronto for their joint Highlight Tour, as brand ambassadors for Community 54.


While there, and J-Hope took photos in front of the Rogers Centre, a stadium also known as the Sky Dome.


Since BTS have yet to perform a stadium concert in Canada, some Canadian ARMYs feel that BTS is destined to perform one at the Rogers Centre. Fans have even pointed out that the stadium was lit up in purple, BTS’s signature color, on the day these pictures were taken.


The second reason for BTS’s return has to do with Suga. At BTS’s Hamilton concert, Suga said BTS would come back to Canada, and what Suga wants, Suga gets!


For more on BTS’s Speak Yourself tour, check out the latest dates here.

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