BTS’s “Minstradamus” Suga Was Asked If “Butter” Would Surpass “Dynamite,” Here’s How He Answered

The members are well aware of Suga’s ability to predict the future!

BTS‘s “Minstradamus” Suga has made many accurate predictions over the years, and he recently was asked a question about their new song, “Butter.”

BTS’s Suga

The BTS members are well aware of Suga’s ability to speak things into reality. In behind-the-scenes footage from the “Butter” music video, RM asked Suga if “Butter” would top their equally amazing song “Dynamite.”


BTS’s “Dynamite” broke many records, and the group achieved many things through the song, such as it becoming BTS’s first song to chart at No.1 on the Billboard “Hot 100” chart and getting nominated for a GRAMMY.

Suga replied by saying that “Butter” would “of course” top “Dynamite!” The members smiled after hearing Suga’s answer.


While it’s only been a few days since “Butter” got released, it’s already broken several records!

Here’s the full video below!