Halsey Isn’t The Only One Who Can’t Make Eye Contact With Jimin

Suga’s eyes weren’t on Jimin at BTS’s FESTA photoshoot.

Jimin and Halsey‘s eye contact (or lack thereof) is a running joke, but she’s not the only friend who can’t look him in the eye!


On November 1, BangtanTV dropped a new “Bangtan Bomb” from BTS’s FESTA photoshoot. It shows what happened behind the scenes on their split-worlds set.


During this “Serendipity” x “Agust D” shoot, Suga was supposed to hold Jimin’s gaze…


…but he just couldn’t do it!


When Suga bashfully glanced away…


…Jimin burst out laughing. “This hyung can’t look straight into the face,” he said.


Check out the whole behind the scenes video with subtitles here: