Suga Led BTS On A “Let’s Roast Jimin” Campaign

Jimin received no mercy during this trivia game.

BTS‘s Suga isn’t as “savage” now as he used to be, but when he spots an easy target, like Jimin, he returns to his roots!


In Episode 86 of Run BTS!, BTS‘s chaotic members played a trivia game that involved answering questions with pure Korean phrases. No foreign languages allowed, in honor of Hangul Day.


Let’s just say things didn’t go well for Jimin. Try as he might, he rarely came up with the right answer. It didn’t help that nearly everyone ganged up on him!


Most of the teasing came from Suga. First, Suga refused to give Jimin a pity sticker because love was the only thing Jimin had to offer.


Then, Suga teamed up with RM to roast Jimin for giving a wrong answer.


A minute later, Suga was mimicking how Jimin would search for stickers in the next round of the game (sticker tag). And, once again, he refused to help Jimin out.


The mocking didn’t end there. When Suga imitated Jimin’s desperate search for cards at Lotte Duty Free in Episode 79


…Jimin was at a loss for words. (Words he could say on camera, that is!)


To add (more) insult to injury, Suga joined forces with Jungkook to mock Jimin yet again…


…and he doubted Jimin’s ability to come up with correct answers.


Suga also tried to provoke Jimin with this stressful countdown.


Thankfully, Jimin could count on J-Hope to believe in him!


Even after all that teasing, Jimin kept his cool. The same can’t be said for Jin.

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