BTS’s Suga Shyly Fanboys Over “Parasite” Director Bong Joon Ho

BTS responded to Bong Joon Ho’s praise.

BTS revealed new information in their February 24 Global Press Conference including their music’s worldwide influence and Jin’s military enlistment.

A light-hearted moment arose when a question asked for BTS’s opinion on Bong Joon Ho’s compliments about them.

Director Bong Joon Ho commented at the Golden Globe Awards that BTS has 3000 times the amount of influence he has. How did you feel when you heard this…?

Among all the members, it was Suga who took the mic to reply to the question.

Suga highlighted how honored he felt when hearing Bong Joon Ho’s words as he believes the group is still lacking.

I think he was answering a question regarding Korean culture, and I think [his words were] generous praise. I’m embarrassed because I’m still not sure that we have that big of an influence.

– Suga

With a shy smile on his face, Suga reiterated how much he looks up to Parasite‘s director.

I want to say that I watched all of Director Bong Joon Ho’s films as his fan. I was grateful when he mentioned how dynamic Korean culture is. I wish that many great Korean artists can be known overseas. I’m a fan!


ARMY’s found Suga’s genuine fanboying adorable.

BTS recently returned to the K-Pop scene on February 21 with their album Map of the Soul: 7.