BTS’s Friendship Tattoo Designer Polyc SJ Has ARMY Hoping Suga’s Tattoo “Mystery” Will Soon Be Solved

“Spill the tea bestie.”

BTS ARMY have been desperately trying to figure out the location of Suga‘s friendship tattoo.

Whether fans are zooming in on pictures from a photoshoot

Or studying Suga’s abs

Fans haven’t given up on the mystery of the tattoo’s location.

In fact, some ARMY did their best to get Suga to reveal his tattoo’s location during his SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN US. Fans applauded their efforts as they held signs asking Suga to reveal the tattoo’s location.

And while fans ultimately couldn’t find the location of Suga’s tattoo…

Fans did love the recent Instagram story of the talented designer behind BTS’s friendship tattoos, Polyc SJ.

Polyc SJ has shared the locations of all BTS members’ tattoos on his Instagram account, except for Suga’s tattoo. Although Polyc SJ clearly knows where Suga’s tattoo is located, he seems to respect Suga’s decision to keep it a mystery. Fans believe he will post a picture of Suga’s tattoo once the idol reveals it.

So fans were delighted that Polyc SJ uploaded a picture of ARMY’s latest attempt to get Suga to reveal the tattoo location to his recent Instagram story.

| @barbiejunkoo/Twitter

Fans suspect he’s just as eager as ARMY for Suga to reveal the location.

 And couldn’t help but love his sense of humor.

Some fans jokingly pointed out how it’s a “flex” for Polyc SJ to share this to his story since he does know where the tattoo is.

Fans, and Polyc SJ, seem to be eagerly waiting for the mystery to finally be solved.

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