BTS’s V Gets a Massive Drone and Lantern Show Over the Great Wall of China for His Birthday

He’s the very first celebrity in history to get one.

A large-scale drone show recently took place over the Great Wall of China to celebrate BTS V‘s upcoming birthday, and it’s gaining attention for both its beauty as well as the fact that he was the first celebrity to ever receive one.

In order to congratulate V on his birthday, his Chinese fan club, “Baidu V Bar” put 200 drones and 100 lanterns in the sky.

The combination of drones and lanterns created messages such as “Happy V Day“, “25“, “Kim Taehyung“, and “An icon is born“, and beautiful works of art that lit up the night sky.

What’s special about this show is the fact that it’s the first one made for a celebrity at the Great Wall of China.

As for the full footage, V’s fan club announced that they’ll be revealing it via YouTube on V’s actual birthday of December 30.


Source: Dispatch


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