BTS’s V Loved Cardi B’s Stage So Much, He Couldn’t Stay In His Seat

Cameras captured V bopping like he was at a Cardi B concert.

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards featured performances from many top entertainers, but one in particular brought out BTS V‘s inner fanboy: Cardi B.


V’s sultry, soulful vocals are famous, but ARMYs know this talented vocalist might jump at the chance to join BTS’s rap line.


V loves listening to rap almost as much as he loves performing it, so it’s not surprising that he got right into Cardi B’s “Money”.


On February 14, V tweeted this video of himself bopping away to “Money” while sitting in the audience. Another video, however, reveals that V couldn’t stay seated for long!


In this fancam, V was one of the only A-listers who just had to get up and jam like he was at a Cardi B concert. He had the time of his life!


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