Everyone Missed BTS V’s Comeback “Spoiler”, Except RM And Jimin

This may have been a big hint, according to fans.

BTS has a history of dropping spoilers, but their lips are zipped about the next comeback…right?


On January 7, BTS blew up the internet by announcing that MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 will be coming out on February 21. So far, details are limited, but MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 is most likely the sequel to BTS’s 2019 MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona album.


Ever since the news broke, fans (many of whom had expected the album to be called Shadow or Ego), have been looking for missed hints. One possible hint came from V on New Year’s Eve.


When V told fans that he’d been working out for seven months, it was as if alarm bells went off in Jimin and RM‘s heads!


Seven? Did he say seven?


At the time, viewers weren’t sure why Jimin and RM looked back at V so suddenly, but now some fans suspect that they were both on high alert for spoilers!


V’s hint may not have been intended as a hint, but this wouldn’t be the first time he dropped a spoiler!

V Almost Dropped A Spoiler About BTS’s Comeback Track