Japanese ARMYs Prefer To Call BTS’s V This Nickname And It Will Make You Soft

The reason for it is even more precious.

Fans have awarded BTS’s V with tons of witty and unique nicknames over the years. From CGV to Baby Bear, each side of him has its own label.

However, there’s one nickname that is so popular in Japan, it’s more common than his stage name. Yes, you’re more likely to hear people call him by this nickname than “V!”

Instead of his sexy and charismatic side…

…it suits his cute side the most!

He’s had this nickname since his high school days and it’s only grown in popularity since. Any guesses?

If you guessed TaeTae, based off of his real name Kim Taehyung, you’re correct!

Japanese celebrities use it…

…as well as fans!

A: “Do you like K-Pop? Which group do you like?”
B: “BTS.”
A: “Who do you like [in BTS]?”
B: “TaeTae.”
A: “I like him a lot too!”

Even V’s friend, Park Bogum, referred to him as TaeTae in a Japanese fan meeting where the fans used the beloved nickname.

MC: “Have you let other people listen to this song before? Like any friends?”
Park Bo Gum: “My friend, yes. My cute friend…”
Fans: “TaeTae?”
Park Bo Gum: “How did you know? Yes, my friend TaeTae.”


In the description of the cast members of the KBS drama “Hwarang,” one Japanese streaming platform listed V’s nickname in parentheses.

So, what’s the reasoning for this nickname’s immense popularity? The name “V” is difficult to pronounce in Japanese, and so many Japanese fans prefer TaeTae.

It could also be because the nickname is seriously cute!

TaeTae is so cute… Japanese fans love cute things!

— K-Netizen’s comment

It’s not uncommon to find Japanese ARMY’s calling him TaeTae on TV.

I got to see TaeTae and Namjoon in person!

— Young Japanese ARMY

In fact, it’s rarer to hear him referred to as V!

Q: What is your wife’s favorite thing?

Wife: “Bread”

Husband: “BTS’s TaeTae”

— Japanese Reality Show

The precious nickname is just as charming as he is!


Source: TheQoo


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