BTS V’s Original Christmas Carol Hasn’t Dropped Yet, But It’s Already ARMYs’ December Anthem

He says he’ll share it for free when it’s done.

During his latest live broadcast, BTS‘s V played an original Christmas carol which he wrote, with the help of a Big Hit Entertainment‘s composer named Adora — and upon hearing the merry beats, ARMYs are now feeling the holiday spirit in full swing.


The song, roughly titled “Happy Christmas”, was initially revealed in a previous live broadcast held way back in 2018. V did explain, in that particular broadcast, that he wrote the song in hopes of singing it as a duet with his teammate and BFF Jimin.

This song… I wrote this song last Christmas. I wasn’t sure how to go about it, so I asked one of the composers, Adora, for help in writing and in recording. I originally intended to sing this with Jimin. But the producer said it might not work for two guys to sing it. Like the lyrics won’t fit…

— V, 2018


V added, a year later in his recent broadcast, that the song has remained unfinished since then. He shared, while he does not plan on releasing it officially, it will go on Soundcloud for free when it’s ready.

This song still isn’t done. It was something I started because I wanted to make a Christmas-y song. It ended up somewhat of a male-female duet song though… so I’m not too interested in finishing it anymore. I don’t really want to release it as an official track either. I might finish making it with a close producer of mine and share it with ARMYs as a present. I’ll put it on Soundcloud when it’s ready.

— V, 2019


Even with a brief minute-and-twenty-seconds of it, ARMYs are already in love with the song, featuring V’s uniquely deep and soothing voice celebrating the season. They can’t wait to hear the full version soon — if not too much to ask, then preferably in the intended “VMin” version!

Listen to your brand new favorite half-a-carol here:


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