BTS’s V Pops The Button Off His Shirt And Stuns ARMYs With The Sexiest Wardrobe Malfunction Yet

Remember to breathe.

BTS‘s “ON” performance on SBS’s Inkigayo had viewers holding their breaths worldwide.

V, dressed to impress in a v-neck sleeveless paired under a leather jacket, exuded unparalleled sexiness:

He was a ball of fire throughout the performance…

… but it was during the drum-strumming choreography, V really let his passion take over. The button on his top that had been holding the v-neck cut at a moderately safe level accidentally got undone. 

Insane. I did think that V might rip through the drum, but I did not expect the button to go flying off.

— Twitter @_vttv_95

More of V’s upper body began to peep out as he carried on with the choreography.

ARMYs have now nicknamed this alleged nip-slip to be one of the most “Dangerous Moments” since the comeback:

And the “director’s cut” version of this performance in video continues to trend worldwide, as ARMYs remain charmed.

Watch V’s unintended-but-well-appreciated “wardrobe malfunction” here:

Source: THEQOO