BTS’s Jungkook Bought A Brand New Jacket For V And This Is How V Felt About It

V: (Wiggles Butt)

In the latest Bon Voyage 4 Story Untold episode, BTS‘s V was spotted celebrating his brand new winter outfit.


The red parka came as a gift from his one and only dongsaeng, Jungkook

Staff: You’re wearing some color now.
V: Yeeeeeeeeeah!


… and it immediately became V’s ultimate treasure. He did not dare let it get dirty!

Oops, this is from Jungkook! I couldn’t…!

— V


V made sure everyone knew where the parka came from…

Suga: What did you get?
V: I got a jacket from Jungkook!


… and that his big-money-spendin’ Young & Rich Jungkook-ssi felt appreciated!

Let me carry that for you…!

— V


V’s cheeky reaction is priceless…

After you, sir!

— V


… and it’s making ARMYs want to splurge all their money on V!

This is the most adorable reaction I’ve seen. I’m ready to clear out my bank account to buy V things.



Watch the clip here:

Source: THEQOO


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