BTS’s V Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To A Customer Recognizing Him On “Jinny’s Kitchen”

He tried to play it cool but…

As one of the most popular musicians in the world, BTS’s V is probably used to getting recognized by people at random places. Or that’s what most people would assume.

| @thv/Instagram

On April 28, KST, the variety show Jinny’s Kitchen (also known as Seo Jin’s) aired its last episode, where cast members V, Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yu Mi, Park Seo Joon, and Choi Woo Shik spent the final hectic day working at their own Korean restaurant in Bacalar, Mexico.

During their operating hours on the last day, the team served over 20 groups of customers, finally crossing their goal of making MXN 12,000 pesos in sales! While hitting the milestone had the team members busy on their feet all day, one particular interaction with a customer broke the tension in the air pretty effectively.

After the Seo Jin’s staff opened the shop for the day, one of the earliest customers they had was a group of students. The restaurant soon got a full house, making back kitchen staff come to the front to help out Yu Mi. But once the orders were served and things slowed down a bit, V could afford to leave the back kitchen and hang around at the front for a while. That is when one of the students recognized him immediately.

The girl took a quick glance before having to do a double-take to make sure she was seeing right. Then, she immediately turned to her friends to tell them that one of the BTS members was standing right there. It looked like she was more than familiar with the group since she knew exactly which member she was looking at.

While the group started talking about how popular BTS is, this customer told her friends that her sister is a huge BTS fan and has tons of pictures of the members on her wall. Then, she decided to approach V and walked up to the counter to ask for napkins. As soon as her eyes met V’s, she confidently asked him, “Your V of BTS, right?”

The question got the singer flustered immediately, who disappeared into the kitchen after throwing up a shy thumbs up at the customer. He was so giddy to be recognized this out of the blue that he busted out some moves to “Dynamite.”

But then, V’s acting bug came out of nowhere, and he started a spontaneous skit about being an aspiring idol.

The episode ended with dreamer V showcasing why he would make for a killer idol as he flawlessly executed the difficult choreography of “Run BTS.”

Who knows? Maybe in an alternative universe, intern V is part of a seven-member boy group that sells out stadiums and is one of the biggest acts in the music industry.

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