BTS’s Jimin Sincerely Thanks Everyone Who Greeted Him On His Birthday

He thanked ARMYs for making him truly happy.

BTS‘s Jimin celebrated his 24th birthday on October 13, in which he received an outpouring of love from ARMYs all over the world. Aside from countless greetings, fans also celebrated his birthday by organizing their own birthday projects. This included breaking a world record by trending 20 hashtags at the same time, surprising him in their Saudi Arabia concert, and donating blood on his behalf, to name a few.

In a show of gratitude, Jimin posted a heartfelt message on Twitter sincerely thanking everyone who greeted him on his birthday. The message was accompanied by three beautiful pictures of himself enjoying the snow.

The message read,

I’m sorry for being late everyone. I slept too much. A lot of people celebrated my birthday and I was truly happy. I felt like I was the main character. Thank you very much for making my not so special birthday meaningful. I love you.

– Jimin

Once again, belated happy birthday, Jimin!

Source: Twitter