BTS’s Jungkook Went From “Tiny” To Gigantic, And Everyone’s Confused


In real life, BTS‘s Jungkook isn’t tiny or gigantic — he’s just the right size to fit into ARMY’s hearts — but his “size duality” is giving everybody whiplash!

In Episode 133 of Run BTS!, Jungkook received a humungous keyboard as a handicap for a computer competition with his members. Between the keyboard and his oversized clothes, the Golden Maknae looked as pocket-sized as his TinyTAN counterpart.

Just as fans were starting to recover from Jungkook’s adorable smolness…

Big Hit Labels released a film as part of their #WhatDoYouBelieveIn #IBelieveIn campaign. In the video, and Jungkook randomly became King Kong-sized! (Did someone take the “Dynamite” lyrics a little too literally?)

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

Confused fans want to know why the heck Jungkook was so large-and-in-charge…

…but J-Hope seemed unfazed. He casually told Jungkook to go out and come back in again as his normal size.

Now, ARMYs are showing love for “Tiny Kook” and “Giant Kook” by comparing the two. It’s the duality we didn’t know we needed!

Find out how Jungkook put his larger-than-life keyboard to good use here:

BTS’s Jungkook Turned A Giant Keyboard Into A Weapon Because V Had It Coming 


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