BTS’s V Teaches A Fan A New Technique To Use When Someone Makes Them Upset

Have you used this technique before?

BTS’s V has become a pro at giving advice to fans online and fans are always appreciative of his advice.

He has helped fans with words of encouragement and genuine worry and sometimes without even having to say a word!

His ability to help fans out in times of hardship shows just how much he really cares for fans.

He’s even helped fans on what to do when they are having a hard time in school!

He also gives his true opinion about a fan gaining weight and let’s them know they are perfect just the way they are.

On April 24, he came onto Weverse once again and helped out another fan who needed help.

“My friend is doing things that are making me really upset. What should I do?”



This time V commented with a certain action for them to do.

“Make your hand into a fist then stick out your middle finger a bit and whack it up then down like you are playing badminton.”

Fans who first read this were a bit confused at first, not sure at what he meant.

Fans later realized that it was a way that Koreans usually playfully hit someone during a game or when they are just joking around. Other variations of “ggulbam” can also be “ddakbam” which includes using your middle finger to whack someone on the forehead.

Here is an example of what Taehyung was referring to:

And this is a variation, called the “ddakbam.”

Thanks to V, we all know what to do when a friend does something to upset us!