“Business Proposal” Actors Seol In Ah And Kim Min Gue Admit They Are Each Other’s Ideal Types

This ship is sailing 😍

Netflix‘s Business Proposal introduced many new fans to Seol In Ah and Kim Min Gue, the actors who play Jin Young Seo and secretary Cha Sung Hoon in the show respectively.

Kim Min Gue and Seol In Ah

They immediately gained the support of viewers with their gorgeous visuals, strong chemistry, and romantic plotline.

Even behind the scenes, the two co-stars had many cute moments that showed off their friendship. When Min Gue had to leave their joint interview for a separate schedule, for example, she held on to him while saying, “You can’t!” 

Prior to the airing of the last episode, the two stars sat down for an interview where they discussed the show, their characters, and more. One of the questions directed to Seol In Ah was whether or not her co-star was her ideal type in real life.

What do you think of a guy like Min Gue in reality as an ideal type?

— Host

Though she suspected it was better to stay neutral, she decided to be honest. She agreed that Kim Min Gue was, in fact, her ideal type.

There might be weird articles that come out of this but of course I like him.

— Seol In Ah

Min Gue shyly laughed beside her as she continued to say, “I really like Kim Min Gue.” 

When the host asked Min Gue for his own answer, he admitted that Seol In Ah was also his ideal type.

I like her too.

— Kim Min Gue

Whether it’s in the K-Drama or out of it, their chemistry shines through!

To find out what they like most about each other, check out the article below.

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