“Business Proposal” Actress Seol In Ah Held Onto Kim Min Gue So He Wouldn’t Leave Her Side During Their Interview

Their off-screen chemistry is crazy!

Business Proposal actors Kim Min Gue and Seol In Ah are the newest rising ship in the K-Drama world! They snatched the hearts of viewers with each scene they appeared in.

Seol In Ah and Kim Min Gue

Even behind the scenes, their chemistry was so palpable that viewers wondered if they were dating in real life.

During the commentary episode of Business Proposal, the two were as sweet as can be! When a staff member announced that Kim Min Gue had to leave the interview to attend another schedule…

…Seol In Ah immediately latched on to him and said, “He can’t!” Keeping in line with her character, she stated that “Sung Hoon” couldn’t leave her alone.

With a laugh, Min Gue placated her by saying, “If I hurry and shoot, we can all leave early today.”

Seol In Ah directed him out of his seat while saying she understood that he had to leave: “Okay, I get it, go now.”

However, she made sure he knew to contact her later after his schedule!

Oppa, send me a KakaoTalk message later.

— Seol In Ah

Whether it’s on screen or in real life, their chemistry is off the charts!

Source: YouTube

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