Netizens Suspect “Business Proposal” Co-Stars Seol In Ah And Kim Min Gue Might Actually Already Be Dating IRL

When Dispatch reveals, act shocked, everyone.🤭

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SBS‘s new webcomic-adapted K-Drama Business Proposal has been met with much love from audiences. Not only is the storyline charming, but the entire cast is too!

From left: Kim Min Gue as Cha Sung Hoon, Seol In Ah as Jin Young Seo, Kim Sejeong as Shin Ha Ri, and Ahn Hyo Seop as Kang Tae Moo in “Business Proposal.” | SBS

The SBS drama currently premieres simultaneously on Netflix every Monday and Tuesday. The K-Drama follows Shin Ha Ri (Kim Sejeong, also known as Kim Se Jeong), who pretends to be her friend, Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah), on a blind date. However, that blind date happens to be with her company’s CEO, Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop)! The troubles start when Tae Moo unexpectedly sets his eyes on marrying Ha Ri, still thinking she is her friend.

Kim Sejeong as Shin Ha Ri (left) and Ahn Hyo Seop as Kang Tae Moo (right) in “Business Proposal.”

While the main storyline focuses on the relationship between Shin Ha Ri and Kang Tae Moo, the second couple has stolen the show. Jin Young Seo, Ha Ri’s friend who started it all, develops feelings for Tae Moo’s secretary and bestie Cha Sung Hoon (played by Kim Min Gue, also known as Kim Min Kyu). 

Seol In Ah as Jin Young Seo (top) and Kim Min Gue as Cha Sung Hoon (bottom).

The second lead couple has been beloved by fans of the drama. Since meeting the characters and the actors that portray them, they’ve been hoping for them to get their own K-Drama to star in!

Just about every scene of theirs goes viral on social media after a new episode premieres. Their chemistry is fire! One of their spicy kiss scenes went viral on Twitter just this week.

fck Cha Sung Hoon taking his glasses off and throwing them is insane

— @season__22/Twitter

Fans just can’t get enough of these two, both onscreen and IRL! Recent behind-the-scenes clips and interviews of Seol In Ah and Kim Min Gue have them wondering also if perhaps the reason why these portray such great onscreen lovers is not just because of their acting skills but perhaps because there’s something between them in real life too.

SBS Catch released behind-the-scenes moments from their iconic kiss scenes, and viewers could see the real chemistry between the actors.

Kim Min Gue has also told interviewers that their first kiss scene was quite memorable. Seol In Ah had fun with it and made him feel at ease despite everything.

We had to film a kissing scene, and she suddenly started to jump and dance circles around me, singing at the same time.

— Kim Min Gue

If that’s not enough to make your heart melt, these two have low-key revealed true feelings for each other in interviews with SBS Catch too. Seol In Ah shared that Kim Min Gue frequently checks on her condition between takes.

Kim Min Gue: She gets hurt often. If you take your eye off her for a bit, then she gets hurt somewhere.

Seol In Ah: After every single cut, [he will ask] are you hurt any where? How’s your ankle?

Our hearts flutter just watching their chemistry. We’re certainly not alone, though. They’ve both confessed they get butterflies when filming their scenes together…

| SBS Catch via Kara S/YouTube

Even when they’re not filming, Kim Min Gue confessed that he worries about Seol In Ah. If that’s not true love, what is it?

I always worry about you. Even when it’s not during filming, I would message and ask, how’s your wound?

— Kim Min Gue

| SBS Catch via Kara S/YouTube

There’s certainly more than a simple work relationship here. While he couldn’t sleep, concerned about wisdom teeth removal, he texted her since she had recently gotten hers removed.

At dawn, I wouldn’t be able to sleep because it hurt so much. So I would send a message like Young Seo, are you sleeping? I would ask for advice on my wisdom teeth.

— Kim Min Gue

| SBS Catch via Kara S/YouTube

Now, that’s not all, of course. The two frequently give each other compliments, and In Ah admitted that when it comes to her co-stars, she doesn’t even pay the handsome leading actor Ahn Hyo Seop any attention because of Min Gue.

| SBS Catch via Kara S/YouTube

Not to mention how they don’t even want to leave each other’s side! When Kim Min Gue had to leave an interview early, Seol In Ah held onto his arm, whining for him not to go.

It seems undeniable that they’re made for each other. They even share the same hobbies!

In an interview, they both expressed a love for camping. So then and there, they began to make plans, and viewers couldn’t help but think it sounded like a date…

| SBS Catch via Kara S/YouTube

Their fans have posted compilations of these cute moments that showcase their chemistry.


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The above TikTok has 53.9K views, and 11.6K likes at the time of writing.

The above YouTube video currently has 158,279 views and 6.1K likes.

Naturally, these types of videos go viral too. And it’s sparked netizens to leave comments suggesting that these two might date for real if they aren’t already.

| Kara S/YouTube
| @karasorn/TikTok
| @karasorn/TikTok
| @karasorn/TikTok

Recently, Kim Min Gue also shared a behind-the-scenes photo of himself on Instagram, and fans couldn’t help but notice a special someone in the comment section.


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Seol In Ah commented, implying she was the photographer behind the pic!

| Instagram

Kim Min Gue: Business proposal today business proposal tomorrow.

Seol In Ah: Who took these photos that make you look so good?

And followers were just wondering if Dispatch was present for the interaction, too, in case they were to go Instagram official any day now…

| Instagram

Check out more moments from Business Proposal and the cast below.

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