“Business Proposal” Seol In Ah Reveals The Heart-Fluttering Thing Kim Min Gue Does After Every Take

She doesn’t have to worry about a thing with him by her side!

Business Proposal‘s second lead couple is almost as popular as the main lead couple. This is thanks to their incredible chemistry both on and off-screen. While their wild first kiss went viral for its high levels of steaminess…

Seol In Ah and Kim Min Gue’s steamy kiss. | SBS

The couple is just as sweet off-screen. During an interview with SBS Catch, the pair was asked to describe the opposite party in just 5 characters. Seol In Ah had zero hesitation when she claimed Kim Min Gue was like “a reliable big dog“.

| SBS Catch

From the moment I first met him, I even thought about what type of dog [he reminded me of]. I think he’s the closest to a golden retriever, a dog with a cute feel.

— Seol In Ah

Well, we can’t deny that Kim Min Gue does have that sweet, puppy-like face. Here he is with an actual puppy.

| Asia Today

As for Seol In Ah, Kim Min Gue thought that she was someone that required lots of care and attention. He explained that she was always getting hurt randomly between takes.

| SBS Catch

She gets hurt often. If you take your eye off her for a bit, then she gets hurt somewhere.

— Kim Min Gue


But it looks like she doesn’t have to worry with Kim Min Gue by her side! Seol In Ah revealed the heart-fluttering thing that her co-star makes sure to do between takes.

| SBS Catch

After every single cut, [he will ask] are you hurt any where? How’s your ankle?

— Seol In Ah

How sweet of him to make sure his partner is okay! To catch more of their cute interactions, be sure to watch their interview below.


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