Byul Shares Heart-Wrenching Story of When Haha Balled His Eyes out One Day After Work

“One day, my husband came home with swollen eyes, so I asked him what happened.” – Byul

Byul recently posted a photo of the “Minshik Law” national petition along with a story of how Haha came back from work one day and balled his eyes out.

Byul started off by revealing that Haha came home one day with swollen eyes.

And when Byul asked why he cried so much, Haha explained that he had just met Min Shik’s parents at the studio.

Haha then hugged Byul and told her that thinking that such a thing could happen to his parents made him feel scared and frustrated.

Ahead of this incident, late Kim Min Shik‘s parents starred on Channel A’s Eye Contact.

Last September, young Kim Min Shik was crossing the streets in a school zone when he was hit by a speeding car, leading to his passing.

As a result, the “Minshik Law” has been proposed, which include installing speed cameras and enforcing punishments of fatal accidents.

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As a cast of Eye Contact, Haha urged his fans to sign the petition for the “Minshik Law”.

Read Byul’s full story below:

One day, my husband came home with swollen eyes. I was wondering why my adult husband cried so much, so I asked him what happened, and he told me about Min Shik’s parents whom he met at the studio that day… He hugged me and told me he was scared… and that thinking that such a thing could happen to his children makes him feel frustrated.. He said he’s scared that he might not be able to protect his precious children…

Just hearing this makes my heart ache, so I can’t even imagine how his parents must feel… After that, we just cried together all night long.

Please don’t think of this as someone else’s matter. I heard that Min Shik’s mother still can’t eat properly… And it makes sense… It doesn’t make sense that adults can’t protect them from this. If you’re a parent… No, even if you’re not, please help. Many people have signed the petition already. Please spread this as much as possible so that we can make a better country where our precious children can be protected!

– Byul

Source: Insight
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