Chungha Proudly Showcased Her Love For Gugudan’s Sejeong And Her Album In New Photos Together

Sejeong and Chungha shared sweet photos from their recent meet up:

Chungha recently showed even more love for gugudan‘s Kim Sejeong and her new mini-album, Plant, with sweet photos together!

When Sejeong released her first solo mini-album on March 17, her fellow guguan members and former I.O.I members immediately headed to Twitter and Instagram to show their support and shower Sejeong with a whole lot of love. Among those who immediately showered her with their affection was Chungha who shared a screenshot from her streaming party and revealed her absolute favorite track on the album.

Finally>< I really like Plant and personally, I really love ‘Skyline.’ Our Sejeong-ie, whose heart is as warm as her voice, is the best!! Thanks for singing.

While her posts were already heartwarming enough, it turns out that Chungha decided to share her love and support directly with Sejeong too!

On March 20, Chungha and Sejeong shared photos from their recent meetup. In the photos, Chungha and Sejeong happily pose together as Chungha proudly showcases her signed copy of Sejeong’s album!

Plant is the best ><!!

Each photo not only showcases their sweet friendship but it also highlights just how happy Chungha is for Sejeong!

While fans are absolutely ecstatic to see the two meet up and share such a sweet moment, there were a few people who weren’t quite as happy as fans because they were left out! Nayoung, Somi, and Yoojung all cutely expressed their jealousy over their get together and expressed how much they wanted to come too!

Fans have been loving everything about the posts from the Chungha and Sejeong’s super cute photos to Yoojung, Nayoung, and Somi’s jealousy and all the love and support Sejeong’s former I.O.I members have been giving her! And seriously, who wouldn’t? It’s incredibly sweet!

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