CL Confesses The Lyrics Of “Goodbye” Was Meant To Be A Letter To Minzy

In a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, CL has revealed she wrote 2NE1‘s final song “Goodbye” as a letter to Minzy.

On January 21, CL revealed she had both 2NE1’s fans (Blackjacks) and former member Minzy in mind while writing the song “Goodbye”.

She revealed that she felt the lyrics were reflective of the words CL wanted to tell to Minzy as well as her fans:

“After Minzy left YG, we prepared an album for the three of us. At that time, I felt like I was writing the song as a letter to Minzy. I edited the lyrics so that they could be directed to both Minzy and our fans.”

She further revealed in an exclusive interview that she believed the group as a whole will meet again in 20 or so years, and joked that she will be focusing on strengthening her body so they can perform “Fire” again when they reunite.

We hope to see 2NE1 perform together as a group again in the future.

Source: Jo!ns