“Let’s Eat Dinner Together” Crew Coincidentally Visited CL’s Family Home

CL’s grandfather was proud of her.

MC Kang Ho Dong and trot singer Tae Jin Ah coincidentally visited the home of CL‘s family on a recent episode of Let’s Eat Dinner Together.

Let’s Eat Dinner Together is a variety program in which the hosts and guests look for families that are willing to welcome them into their home for a meal.


On this episode, Kang Ho Dong and Tae Jin Ah rang the doorbell of a random home and was welcomed by a grandfather.


After they were welcomed into the home, the grandfather began talking about his granddaughter Chaelin. Kang Ho Dong and Tae Jin Ah were confused and wondered why he was bringing up his granddaughter.


Sensing that they were lost, the grandfather clarified that his granddaughter was none other than CL from 2NE1.


It’s no wonder there were paintings of CL in the house. This particular painting was apparently painted by CL’s mother herself.


The grandfather explained that CL grew up in the house when she was little. He even boasted that he gave her money for New Year’s this year.


And it was $100 USD at that!


Check out the full video below:

Source: Dispatch