CL’s Glasses Were So Rare That Pharrell Williams Tried To Buy Them From Her

Pharrell Williams ended up paying way more than expected elsewhere.

CL sat down with big-name jeweler and dear friend Ben Baller to show off their expensive bling for GQ. In the process, Ben Baller mentioned a particular pair of glasses CL wore during their New York outing with Pharrell Williams that caused a funny memory.

Pharrell Williams | @Pharrell/Twitter

While she’d only paid a few thousand dollars for the vintage glasses, Ben Baller shocked CL by revealing that people have paid as much as $20,000 USD just to get their hands on the same pair.

That sparked a memory for CL that left both of them laughing. She revealed that Pharrell Williams had offered to buy them from her and even sent her text messages to find out how he could get his hands on them.

Exactly! He was like texting me, ‘Where did you get those?’ And I was like, ‘I’ve got the last one.’

— CL

Although CL wasn’t willing to give up the vintage glasses, Pharrell did buy himself a pair but for “a lot of money.

The vintage glasses were Chanel‘s original circle glasses, which CL wore when meeting Pharrell Williams.

Pharrell Wiliams and CL. | @playthetrack9/Instagram

When it comes to original Chanel, the price tag can be so pricey that Ben Baller said, “Vintage Chanel is insane.

Pharrell Williams, Ben Baller, and CL. | @benballer/Instagram

See CL and Ben Baller laugh about the memory involving Pharrell Williams.