Netizens Are Convinced DJ Snake And Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You” Was Meant For CL

The song could have featured CL:

Fans just heard what it would have been like if CL had gotten the chance to sing DJ Snake‘s “Let Me Love You” and they now they feel incredibly disappointed and frustrated that it didn’t happen.


Brian Lee, who works with both Justin Bieber and CL, recently posted a short video clip to his Instagram page while tagging CL. In the video, you can hear CL’s powerful and strong vocals singing along to the chart-topping song.


Fans immediately fell in love with CL’s version of the song even if it was only a short clip, but fans quickly realized that CL’s version could have been the original. Back in 2015, CL met with DJ Snake. It’s believed that she later recorded this version of the song in February 2016.


The song itself was later released in November 2016, meaning CL could have been the original featured artist on the track instead of Justin Bieber. With this news, many netizens have been showing a wide range of emotions to the news ranging from outright shock that the world missed this opportunity…


To anger that this version was never released.


Although DJ Snake was said to have sent the song to a number of artists to record so he could pick his favorite, many fans are calling out YG Entertainment for the missed opportunity and are expressing just how strongly they feel about this.


And while many fans have expressed their love for Justin Bieber’s version too, they can’t help feeling let down that they never got the chance to know how truly amazing “Let Me Love You” featuring CL would have been. But there’s still hope that someday a full version of CL’s recording will bless all of our ears!