Here’s CL’s New Ideal Type, And Why It Changed

CL admitted she has “extraordinary taste.”

CL appeared on My Little Old Boy and shared how her ideal type has changed from what it used to be before.

CL | @chaelincl/Instagram

One of the hosts asked CL what she looked for in a male partner and if it changed frequently. CL admitted her ideal type “changed a lot” compared to what it once was.

Like many people, CL was particularly interested in men with good looks. That’s no longer her top priority.

There were two traits that held the most weight for CL and were much deeper than appearances.

Being compatible with me is the most important thing. Someone healthy.

— CL

If he also happened to be handsome, it was an added bonus. Even then, CL added, “But, who I consider handsome is different now.

Between her dedication to music and strong personality, Queen CL realized she needs someone who can match her well.

Watch CL show her maturity when talking about her new traits for an ideal type here.