CL Shows Off Surprisingly Glamorous Figure In Extremely Lowcut Top

She definitely nailed the glamorous movie star look!

CL always knows how to bring the heat and when she attended the world premiere of “Mile 22”, she certainly didn’t disappoint.


The K-Pop star painted quite the glamorous figure in her sexy black top with it’s plunging neckline.


Her outfit showed off her outstanding curves and made her look even more like the goddess she is. The outfit was just perfect for her Hollywood big screen debut!


Plus CL exuded confidence in the sexy black ensemble, making her look even hotter! Fans have been commenting on social media about how amazing she looks.


But it isn’t just fans who couldn’t keep their eyes off of her! The camera seemed to follow her every move.


And with good reason! Just look at her!


Trying to take your eyes off her is almost impossible. Her confidence, sexy outfit, and all-around CL appeal make you want to keep watching her every move.


Even with so many other famous faces at the premiere, CL really stands out. You could even say that she stole the moment!


And of course, stole everyone’s hearts!