Clip Of Jessi Dissing Former AOA Member Jimin Resurfaces

Many think that Jessi was onto something regarding Jimin’s personality.

Former AOA member Jimin has been making headlines after it was revealed that she bullied and tormented Mina during their time together in the group.


Many fans and netizens have been bringing up past videos to show some of the moments when Jimin was rude towards Mina.

Another past video that has resurfaced is when rapper Jessi dissed Jimin when they both were contestants on Unpretty Rapstar. During an episode, Jessi was in disbelief when Jimin and Kisum‘s team ended up getting second place.

Jessi felt that Jimin’s team getting that high of a ranking was just ridiculous and that their performance was lackluster.

Jessi felt that Tymee had a much better performance compared to Jimin and Kisum’s and that she should have placed higher than Jimin’s team.

Many netizens have come out and shared that this may have been a potential sign of Jimin’s personality and that Jessi was onto something.

Here is the full video below.