AOA Jimin’s Treatment Of Mina Resurfaces In Videos Gathered By Fans

The videos allegedly show Jimin’s coldness toward Mina.

On July 3, former AOA member Kwon Mina talked about the bullying she experienced at the hands of her fellow member Jimin for ten years.

Now, fans are rallying support for Mina, and bringing past videos to light that allegedly show Jimin’s coldness towards her.

In this clip, Mina talks about nearly quitting the group due to the difficulties she faced at the time. Two members comfort her, shedding tears, as Jimin sits off to the side, examining her hands.

In another clip, Mina weeps at a fan sign, visibly upset, while Jimin plays with a plushie next to her.

Earlier today, Jimin responded to Mina’s claims with a now-deleted Instagram story, calling the allegations “fiction”. Mina has since addressed Jimin’s response by detailing instances of her bullying and posting a photo of the scars from her suicide attempts.

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