CL’s Cover Of Alicia Keys’ “Unthinkable” Has Fans Ready For Singing CL More Than Ever

We’ve been without her singing for way too long.

CL has been blessing fans with a lot more content than usual recently, not that anyone’s complaining, but there is one request that Blackjacks and GZBz have of her: more singing please!

On June 7, CL uploaded a short cover of Alicia Keys‘ hit song “Unthinkable”, and of course her vocals were heavenly.

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The video garnered comments from infuencers and celebrities alike who have been starved of CL’s beautiful voice for too long, including fellow YG Entertainment lady Lydia Paek who has written for 2NE1 in the past, and her little sister, Harin.

On point 🙌 miss your singing ♥️

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Since CL usually raps in her features, including her most recent PKCZ collab, she’s mostly known for her rapping ability, but GZBz are well aware that CL is an equally as amazing singer. This vocal blessing reinforced that, and GZBz are understandably overwhelmed.

CL did promise a fan new music soon, so hopefully that new music will feature more of CL’s glorious singing.