CL’s May 2019 Vogue Korea Shoot is Here and it’s Everything

Before she saves the music industry, CL had to save the fashion industry.

After weeks of being kept in the dark, CL‘s mystery project has finally come to light.

CL was the muse of her friend and legendary designer Alexander Wang‘s Vogue Korea May 2019 pictorial.

CL begun sharing cryptic Instagram posts regarding the shoot in late March, but she never revealed what exactly it was that she was working on. Now fans can see that she was in fact sharing behind-the-scenes looks into the Vogue shoot.

CL’s April 12 Instagram post (left) and a picture from her Vogue shoot.

On April 21, CL shared photos from the spread on her Instagram account.


Alexander Wang also joined her for a few of the pictures.

You can feel their synergy and friendship radiate through the images.

CL has established herself as a fashion icon and has been longtime friends with Alexander Wang, so it comes as no surprise that he would choose her as his muse for the shoot. This isn’t the first time CL has graced Vogue with her presence.

While fans have been begging for a music comeback, CL has opted to save the fashion world first.