“Collecting Idols Like Pokémon”: Troye Sivan Is The “Friend Of A Friend” Of Every Top K-Pop Star

The K-Pop mutual that everyone loves!

Recently, Australian pop star Troye Sivan went viral among K-Pop fans after fanboying over Stray Kids member Hyunjin on social media. Troye took fans by surprise when he posted a fan edit of the K-Pop idol on his TikTok, asking people how to get in touch with him in the caption. Hilarious responses ensued, as some Stray Kids fans were utterly confused by Troye’s sudden fanboying, while others reminded him that he literally met Hyunjin at the Dua Lipa x Versace’s “La Vacanza” 2023 Fashion show.

A few days later, the singer was spotted with yet another K-Pop idol at yet another fashion show. This time, it was the recent Prada SS24 Menswear Show, where Sivan was spotted sitting beside NCT’s Jaehyun, who is also an ambassador of the brand. Sivan posted multiple pictures hanging out with Jaehyun at the show, and given their cordial interactions, fans are now convinced that he has managed to get yet another K-Pop idol on his friendship roster.

Troye Sivan with Jaehyun at the recent Prada show | @troyesivan/Instagram

These, however, are not Sivan’s first rodeo with K-Pop stars. He has, in fact, had a longstanding relationship with the K-Pop world for years now. The American singer stepped into the industry through none other than BTS. He talked about wanting to collaborate with the K-Pop giants for years before he finally worked on a song for their album Map Of The Soul: 7, called “Louder than Bombs.” The song immediately became a fan-favorite, and ARMYs are still eagerly waiting for the day the group performs it live.

In 2020, Sivan also interacted with (G)-IDLE’s Minnie by sharing one of her photos on his Instagram. The picture was of Minnie standing before the Seoul venue of his The Bloom Tour (2018-2019), posing happily. The idol has always been vocal about her love for Troye’s music, and his reposting one of her old photos to reminisce about his concert felt like a full-circle moment to fans.

Fast forward to 2021, when the “Angel Baby” singer befriended another K-Pop A-lister, Rosé from BLACKPINK, at the Met Gala. According to Troye’s Instagram stories, the two met during the event and bonded over the common ground of being Australian.

Two years later, now, Sivan is a part of the HBO show called The Idol, where he co-stars with another BLACKPINK member, Jennie. The two seemed to have developed a close friendship, given their interactions at the press events for the show.

Troye Sivan with Jennie | @troyesivan/Instagram

At this rate, Troye Sivan’s contact list is probably strong enough to contest year-end award shows in Korea!