Who Could Possibly Turn Down Gong Yoo And Lee Dong Wook? The One And Only Jang Do Yeon

She roasted them, then rejected them.

So if you’ve watched the hit K-Drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, or even if you haven’t but you’re aware of the visual bliss that is Gong Yoo x Lee Dong Wook


… then you may have wondered what it might be like to interact with them in real life. In which case, you are in for a treat — as you get to live vicariously through comedian Jang Do Yeon‘s “blind date simulation” on Lee Dong Wook’s new talk show Because I Want To Talk. Can you imagine walking into a coffee shop to find this table of gorgeousness waiting…


… except, throughout the simulation, Jang Do Yeon opted to tease and poke fun of Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook — making them and the viewers tear up with so much laughter! Here’s Jang Do Yeon pulling Lee Dong Wook’s leg right from the beginning…

Lee Dong Wook: Hello, I’m Lee Dong Wook-ie.
Jang Do Yeon: Oh is the -ie included in your full name? Like Lee Dong Wookie-ssi?


… and Gong Yoo losing his mind about it:

(Cracking up) Lee Dong Wookie, kind of like welsh corgi…!

— Gong Yoo


When Lee Dong Wook said his ideal type of woman is someone reliable and caring, perhaps like a mother, Jang Do Yeon made sure he got a taste of that maternal love:

Jang Do Yeon: You little brat! Do you know what time it is? Why are you outside wandeirng about? And what on Earth are you even wearing! (Nags)
Lee Dong Wook: … You know what… Come to think of it, I don’t think I want someone like a mother.


As the “blind date” continued, the visual duo sat through more merciless roasting by Jang Do Yeon. Viewers fell in love with their gentlest, most adorable reactions to her cheekiness!

Jang Do Yeon: I think you guys are very charming, but… in your case, Gong Yoo-ssi, your head is so small that you… look kind of disturbing.
Gong Yoo: …!!!


Eventually, Jang Do Yeon decided neither Gong Yoo nor Lee Dong Wook fits her preference and rejected both of them. This particular blind date was a huge fail…

Jang Do Yeon: And in your case, Lee Dong Wookie, you’re like a painting and all… But you’re so pale, you scare me. I feel like I should be massaging you to make sure you’re getting good blood flow.
Lee Dong Wook: …?!


… but the episode was thoroughly appreciated by the viewers for all the giggles!

Watch queen Jang Do Yeon casually turn down both the Goblin and the Grim Reaper because she could:

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