Why Couldn’t Koreans Keep Their Eyes Off BTS’s RM When He’s Biking Around?

Imagine seeing RM biking around.

Anyone who knows BTS‘s RM knows he loves riding bicycles.

BTS’s RM. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Heck, he’s even written a song about it! He released “Bicycle” for 2021 BTS FESTA.

Naturally, his close friend and fellow member, Jin, bought him a bicycle for his birthday! RM even showed off his present to ARMY during his birthday live broadcast.


After some time has passed and RM had the chance to use it, ARMY wondered about an update regarding the bike. Has he been getting good use out of it? An ARMY asked RM on Weverse and he responded!

| Weverse

Do you like the bike you got as a gift from Jin?


RM responded with a surprise, saying that people stare at him but it’s not because he’s the leader of the chart-topping supergroup BTS. He said that the bike has actually given him more stares due to its bright color! Of course, Jin would pick out a bike with pink on it (it’s one of his favorite colors).

| Weverse

Oh, hmm. People stare because it’s pink!

— RM

RM did add that he likes the bike because it is nicer than ddareungie (public Seoul city rental bikes that he used to use). So, he is still quite appreciative of Jin’s thoughtful gift!

Seoul’s Ddareungi.
| Weverse

But it’s still a lot better than a ddareungi.

— RM

It’s time to bring back the pink hair now so that he can match with his bike!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter