This Fourth Generation Idol’s Visuals Are So Unreal She’s Confused For An AI Idol

“OMG what’s her name I thought she was an A.I. idol for a second??”

Fourth-generation girl group CRAXY recently released their newest comeback, “NUGUDOM.”


The upbeat song had fans impressed not only with the upbeat, captivating track but with the song’s powerful meaning.

CRAXY also showed off their impressive talents, proving there is no denying their astounding performance skills.

And, of course, the group also showed off their stunning visuals throughout the music video, with all of the members astounding fans.

CRAXY’s Wooah | CRAXY/YouTube 
CRAXY’s Karin | CRAXY/YouTube 
CRAXY’s Hyejin | CRAXY/YouTube 
CRAXY’s Swan | CRAXY/YouTube 
CRAXY’s ChaeY | CRAXY/YouTube 

But maknae ChaeY especially gained notice for her gorgeous visuals.

Especially since fans adored her style with bangs.

One netizen even thought that ChaeY might be one of the active AI idols, given how unreal her visuals were.

Fans were even impressed with ChaeY’s impressive acting in the music video.

Which you can watch here.

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