DAY6’s Jae Shares His Advice On How To Care For Your Mental Health

You aren’t alone!

DAY6‘s Jae has always been vocal on his battle with mental health and has recently teamed up with DIVE Studios‘ for their MINDSET app, speaking about his journey as an idol and the struggles he has faced.

| @mindset_dive/Twitter

In a new video for the podcast, Jae gave fans some tips on caring for their mental health. For Jae, dealing with your general wellness and health all stems from your mental wellness.

Take care of your mentality, take care of your health, take care of your mind. Make sure it’s clean.

— Jae

He also had some more specific advice for those who might be struggling in some way, and they are tips everyone should take on board.

If you’re struggling, accept that you’re struggling. There’s no reason for you to cover that up. Tell yourself that it’s okay and everyone else goes through the same thing. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel emotions. Let your emotions remind you that you’re living.

— Jae


It is such an important message of self-care and something everyone should keep in mind during their lives.




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